Hi, I'm Sami.

I was born and raised in small town Minnesota. My grandma's cinnamon rolls, petting dogs, and hanging with my family are a few of my favorite things. You can often find me exploring the open road, jamming to good tunes, or sipping Dr. Pepper.

Someone asked me - "what's up with the wolf logo". Well, if direction and purpose are lacking in life, when clarity and persistence are needed, the steadfast determination of the Wolf can overcome fear, indecision, and confusion. Healers often take the form of the Wolf in their ritual work. Wolves are fierce, loyal, independent and well able to offer support on the most challenging healing journey. Simply put they are my spirit animal.

My interest in photography began when I was a teenager. I looked at a few of my childhood photos and all these feelings hit me like a ton of bricks. The way the fabric of my clothes felt. The smell of the grass. The way the lake splashed against the shoreline. It wasn't until then that I realized that photos are more than just a collection of ink and colors on paper. They're people. They're feelings. They're memories. It was in that moment when I knew everyone deserves to feel their photos the same way I did. Thus, Sami Nyberg Photography was born.

My photography style combines candid and posed photography into a beautiful, organic hybrid that is honest and raw. My mission is to freeze your memories as authentically as I can, so they last a lifetime.

Let's be friends.